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Swiss Faulenbachfall Waterfalls Geltenfall

Swiss Faulenbachfall Waterfalls Geltenfall- Travel Guide - Tourist Information


This waterfall is found in the Ernsfelder Thal of Switzerland with a height of 1000 ft or 305 meters. The only image that is available of this waterfall is from an ancient engraving. The engraving depicts a waterfall rushing from the cliff’s edge in a single drop onto the valley below.


 This waterfall is in Lauenen and falls from a height of 1312 feet or 400 meters. This waterfall is the befitting answer to Norway’s Mardalfossen but in a smaller version. The falls drop four hundred meters with a single drop of two hundred meters. There is no information regarding the origin of the other additional height of 200 meters.

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Faulenbachfall - Ernsfelder Thal

Geltenfall - Lauenen


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This page last updated in Feb 2016