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Switzerland Recipes Of Food Cuisine

Switzerland Recipes Of Food Cuisine

Switzerland is specifically a gourmet's paradise. No trip of Switzerland is complete without experiencing the different varieties of food it has to offer. French cuisine can be experienced in western parts, Italian taste can be found in the south, with German cuisine effect in northern and eastern parts of the country. Unusual combinations of meat, potatoes, and, cheese makes Switzerland famous in the world of connoisseurs.

Switzerland is known worldwide for the quality of its potatoes, cheese, chocolates and a wide variety of sauces, and, the use of these basic food ingredients in a unique way make swiss cuisine known around the globe. Emmental cheese, gruyere, vacherin, and, appenzeller are the different varieties of cheese. Cervelat is considered the national sausage.

Rosti is the famous potato dish of the German cuisine, but, it has become popular all over Switzerland. The recipe of emmental apple rosti includes emmantel cheese majorly. Cut meat is a dish served with rosti. Fotzel slices are made from stale bread, ideal for those households who never throw bread away. Zopf is the typical bread and another speciality of the swiss cuisine. Tirgell are Christmas biscuits made from flour and honey. Alplermagronen served with apple sauce is one of the others german dishes famous among the people.

Moving to the French cuisine; fondue, a dish made from melted cheese has become the most famous dish on the swiss menu. It is made by dipping small pieces of bread or potatoes in the melted cheese. It is a must for those who love cheese and potatoes. Raclette is made by dripping hot cheese over potatoes. This dish tastes best when served with pickled onions.

Carac, meringue, and, papet vaudois are other French dishes. Carac is the delicious swiss pastry made of chocolate. Taste of meringue is enhanced by adding double cream from gruyere. Papet vaudois is a dish made of leeks and potatoes.

Coming to the southern Switzerland; pasta and pizza have become so popular, so much so that they are substituted with the term 'italian cuisine' itself. Risotto is another famous Italian variety. Polenta is the staple dish of this region. Tarts and quiches are also traditional swiss dishes.

Rivella, apple juice, ovomaltine, and, wine are the famous beverages to the credit of Switzerland. Rivella is a carbonated drink based on lactose. Apple juice is available in two variants- still and sparkling.

Ovomaltine is a chocolate drink, popular especially among the young people. Wine is produced in many regions of Switzerland. In german speaking parts, Riesling X Sylvaner is the common white wine, while chasselas is the most common white wine in French speaking part. Pinot noir is the red wine common in both French and German speaking region, whereas, merlot is famous in Italian dominance regions. Absinthe has its birth place in the Jura region of Switzerland.

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This page last updated in Feb 2016