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Switzerland Culture

Switzerland Culture

Switzerland has always been considered as one of the picturesque locations where people could spend their holiday. This country is located in the western part of Europe and is usually a landlocked country. Europe is one of the most cultural centers of the world.

But Switzerland was not considered be one of the cultural centers present in Europe. Rather this country is known for something else. First of all it is known for its cleanliness, the quality of life that it offers, discipline as well as punctuality.

But the advent of Switzerland culture has been steep in the recent years. A strong regionalism is present in Switzerland and this is the reason why it becomes a bit difficult to speak about the homogeneous Switzerland culture. This culture is actually influenced by various other cultures.

The French, German and Italian cultures have created a great impact in the culture of Switzerland. You can surely call this nation a multicultural one. First of all you will find that there is a strong culture of architecture in this country.

The roman style architecture can be found in most of the buildings of in Switzerland. You will specially find them in the cathedrals as well as various fortresses and castles. The cathedrals of Chur, Basel, Lausanne, Geneva and Sion portray the style of the 12th century Romanesque architecture.

Other than architecture folk dance and music is also popular in Switzerland culture. Pastoral and patriotic themes are more common in these folk music and dance. Among the various dance forms present Schuplattler is a popular one.

This is a lively dance which has lots of hopping and jumping. This kind of a culture also attracts the tourists. Tourists who are interested in the culture of the country can surely enjoy these forms. Other than this, embroidery and woodcarving is also popular among the residents of Switzerland.

They can create awesome artwork with the help of these things. You will surely love this part of their culture. Other than dance, music and art work literature holds a great position in the Switzerland culture. This country has produced some of the eminent writers like Rousseau.

There are lots of other writers who have even won Nobel Prize for their work in literature. If you visit the heritage sites of this country you will surely get a glance of the rich culture that is present in this country.

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This page last updated in Feb 2016