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Properties for Sale in Switzerland

Properties for Sale in Switzerland

There are many properties for sale in Switzerland. The trick is to find the right one with the correct climate and price. You would not want to end up in a picturesque cottage which is placed in a locale that snows 365 days a year. At the same time, an insane amount of money just to get a nice place in a good locality is also not worth it. You should learn how to get the value for money. In this article, we shall provide you with information on that.

Lake Geneva has got some nice places that consist of one bedroom terrace apartments. So if you have just settled for a job nearby, you can look forward to these apartments. They are small and handy, yet offer a picturesque view of the lake. Separate places for dining, socializing and working are to be found in these one bedroom flats.

They cost somewhere around $1,360,000. So if you are looking to settle permanently, these flats can provide you with the much needed serenity of mind and well as space.

To speak of, the real estate market in this country is high in demand. As the Head of Real Estate Research for the Deutsche Bank Research in Frankfurt, Tobias Just puts it,
"Research by the European Mortgage Federation has found that Switzerland has the lowest rate of homeownership in Europe, at 31 percent compared to a homeownership rate of about 60 percent in Western Europe as a whole."

Yet, David Colle, the Director of a real estate company points out that in comparison to the number of the houses available in the market, the demand is quite high. Lausanne and Geneva are the main places besides Zurich and Bern, which have high demands for houses.

The main reason behind high demand for houses in Geneva is due to the fact that apart from the United Nations office, there has also been an increase in the number of multinational corporations in the area. This has led to high demand for houses. Zurich is the largest city with an ever growing population rate, hence the cost of houses in these two cities have increased the most in recent years.

Then there are skiing places which have costly properties for sale in Switzerland. This is mainly due to the fact that houses in these places are often distorted by second home buyers. In case of ski locales therefore, the price can range between 10,000 and 20,000 Swiss francs.

Those who generally buy second homes in Switzerland consist of German and British citizens. People from Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Italy also buy houses in the country. Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Russia also consist of some significant real estate clientele.

The tax structure to buy properties in Switzerland is a very lucrative one as it demands a nominal fee, which amounts to less than 1% of the income of the client. If you are looking for Properties for Sale in Switzerland therefore, take note of the tax structure.

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This page last updated in Feb 2016