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Bellinzona Switzerland Travel Guide

Bellinzona Switzerland Travel Guide

If you are traveling from the north, you need to pass through Bellinzona before you can reach Italy. If you are traveling from the south, you will have to go through this place before entering Alps. Bellinzona, Switzerland is no less beautiful than the places it acts as a gateway to.

Bellinzona in Switzerland carries the Italian flavor in its beauty. It comprises of the some of the most powerful Swiss fortifications. There are some enthralling medieval castles of Bellinzona which are maintained beautifully by the Swiss government. Some of them are also listed as UNESCO world heritage sites.

You will be able to mark out the richness of the culture of the place and tastes of the people on beholding some of the well planned corners and squares, the courtyards, the theatres constructed in Italian style, and the very well maintained old houses.

Everything in the city is decorated. This includes the alleys as well. There are patrician houses and churches too which uphold the rich heritage of the country. It is, as if there has been an amalgamation of the rich culture of the past and the modernization of the present times.

There are several boutiques and cafes where you can hang around, relax yourself, and pick up a thing or two. There are shops selling food items, where you can go and gorge on the delicacies. Every Saturday a market is held in Piazza Nosetto.

About the fortifications of Bellinzona Switzerland:

The fortifications were constructed during the medieval era. They are the finest examples of defensive architecture that is situated in the Alps. Since the year 2000, these fortifications have been regarded as UNESCO world heritage sites. Castlegrande is the oldest and the most powerful castle that rests in Bellinzona.

You can get an amazing view of the old town from this castle. There is a small museum inside this castle. Several documents which tell the tale of the glorious heritage of the country are preserved in this museum. There are museums in the other castles as well.

The first castle of Bellinzona Switzerland was constructed by the Romans. The site of Bellinzona is situated in a very favorable location. This is why the Dukes of Milan and the Swiss were at friction. In the year 1516, Bellinzona came under the Swiss Federation. You can come here for a vacation and get a feel of everything this place stands for.

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This page last updated in Feb 2016