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Music Concerts In Switzerland

Music Concerts In Switzerland

The people of Switzerland love music. In fact Switzerland has a variety of music to offer to audiences according to their tastes. The range of music that people of Switzerland listen to is vast! It starts from classical and stretches up till rock.

There are several musical festivals that are held in this country. The annual classical music festival is worth mentioning. The special features of this music festival are the following:

1. Lucerne festivals held during Easter and summer,

2. The Menuhin Festival in Gstaad and Snow

3. Symphony in the resort of St Moritz.

During summer, open air music concerts are held in this country. Both rock as well as pop music is performed in these concerts. Music lovers from both home as well as from abroad come here to experience some great music. Some of the music concerts held in Switzerland include the following:

1. St Gallen,

2. Montreux,

3. the Gurten in Bern,

4. Paléo,

5. Rock Oz'Arènes in Avenches

6. The Montreux Jazz Festival.

Music in Switzerland is in demand throughout the year! There are music concerts in Switzerland even during winter. The concerts which take place in winter are Snowpen Air on the Kleine Scheidegg in the Bernese Oberland. The country is full of musical bands - both professional as well as amateur. The professional bands perform in prestigious music concerts of Switzerland.

The amateur bands play in the smaller music concerts which are organized at town level or even at village level. At times come job related events come up too where these small bands get to perform. During festivals several bands throng the streets of Switzerland and perform music on the streets! It is a time for joy and merriment and the street musicians uphold the spirit of the festivals. There are some competitions too where these street musicians take part and enchant everyone with their great music!

In Switzerland Geneva is a place which is well recognized for its tastes in music. In the state of Geneva you will get to witness a love for classical music as well as for new age music. The musical concerts in Geneva are held in the theatre and concert hall. The place is situated in central Geneva. The place Geneva has been a favorite of many scholars and people who love fine arts such as Byron, Victor Hugo to name a few. Drop down in Switzerland for some great music and an amazing holiday!

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This page last updated in Feb 2016